Epidaurus in anicent Greece was a small, unassuming city. Initially famous as being the supposed birth place of the son of Apollo.  He was called Asklepios the healer. With more people following Asklepios and his work, the town of Epidaurus grew too as his reputation grew. Having a god known for healing was a sure fire route to visitors coming in their droves. Up in a mountain valley an area developed called "The Sanctuary" linked to the city by an ancient road. A beautiful amphitheatre was also constructed that provided an open air stage for performers to share their art.

I want to pick up a couple of themes.  Reputation, Performance and Room to Breathe.

Reputation is built on hard work and consistency.  Doing what you say you will do when you say you will builds confidence in all around you.  Achieving results then does wonders! Which takes me to "performance".  Both the results and also the act of performing.  Finally, the room to breathe.  The freedom of the open air and the wonderful blue sky above.  A feeling of spaciousness.

Here at Carbon Law Partners, one by one we are building a new kind of partnership.  A partnership by design. A team that works in the spirit of partnership not confined by a legal construct.  A platform on which our Partners can perform, build reputation and have room to breathe.

With the names removed to protect the innocent I'll share what prompted me to write this piece.  Today one of our recently arrived new Partners who came to us from a top 100 law firm said that they were so happy to be with our firm because now finally they "have room to breathe". 

Freedom in a Framework, a Partnership by Design, A Platform to Build Reputation and Perform with Room to Breathe.

On that basis, my work here is done. If we go no further, get no bigger that simple recognition of "room to breathe" makes all that we do worthwhile.  It makes sense.